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Ayurveda Upcoming Course Dates and Schedule

Short Term Courses

Short term courses include Kerala massage therapy certification, Marma therapy Certification, and Thai massage therapy certification. All courses are of 1 week duration and include practical classes and how to do it the right way training.
Available throughout the year.
Maximum batch size of 10.
Prior booking is recommended.

Professional Courses

Beginners 1 Month Course
This certification includes all the basics required to practice Ayurvedic massage. The course is an intensive 30 day program which includes theoretical and practical sessions imparting knowledge of Ayurveda.
Courses start at 1st and 10th of every month.
Maximum batch size of 15 for personal attention.
Theory sessions followed by the practical sessions.
Guidance of experienced doctors and therapists.
An ambient learning environment.

Ayurvedic Therapy Diploma (3 Months)

This course covers almost all aspects of Ayurveda and is best for people who want to pursue a degree in Ayurveda. The prior knowledge imparted here will be of immense use while pursuing a Bachelors’ degree. Alternately you can go for higher diploma courses from Ayurvedic colleges.
The first batch starts from 15th march (Normal 30 Days).
The second batch is from 20th July to 4th September (Intensive 45 day course covering the 3 month course. People who have time constraint and still want to do the diploma can opt for this timeline.
10th September to 10th December (Normal 30 Days).
Maximum batch size of 20 for personal attention.
Guidance of eminent Ayurveda specialists and Yogis.

Shirodhara in Rishikesh


Shiro means head and dhara is a steady flow of warm Ayurvedic oil which is specially selected by the Ayurvedic doctor.
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Nasyam in Rishikesh


Medicated oil, juice etc are instilled into nostril to relive the vitiated doshas. It is effective against head and neck...
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Siro Basti

Done by pouring certain lukewarm herbal oils into a cap fitted on the head for 15 to 30 minutes. Highly effective for facial paralysis...
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Siro Basti in Rishikesh


Snehana involves the lubrication of the metabolical structure by the administration of fatty medicinal substances internally or externally.
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