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Panchkarma cleansing technique can be pre-booked at Haritha Ayurveda center. Apart from disease specific therapy we also provide preventive Panchkarma. The aim of Haritha Ayurveda center in Rishikesh is to cleanse and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit of every guest.

We also have a self teaching program which includes study sessions in the Ayurvedic library that is inside our center. Regular readings and understanding the effects of food on our body helps the guests to understand the basic concept of health and well being. When these people get back home their strength of mind, body and spirit is considerably more than before the therapy.

The doctors at our center examine you and then propose a package especially designed for you. The final program can only be finalized after the initial examination and diagnosis. Each standard package is modified as per the needs of the guest.

The specific Panchkarma packages are directed towards treating various diseases. The diseases that we treat are Obesity, Frozen shoulder, Fatigue, Migraine, Anxiety, Sinusitis, Back pain, Asthma, Hair loss, Depression, Diabetes (Type I and Type II), Joint pain, skin ailments, fatigue, and muscular problems. These specific packages can have duration of 7 days to 21 days.
Rejuvenation Package includes – Relieving work stress package (3 to 5 days) and Seasonal cleansing and detoxification (5 Days).
Other packages include -(7 Days), Immediate relaxation (5 Days), Immediate detoxification (5 Days).
Book any of these packages by filling the form below. Do not forget to mention email and phone and the health problems you are facing right now.
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