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Mud Therapy Package 7 days

Earth is one of the elements which makes up our body and has natural healing powers. They can really rejuvenate the body. The mud used in the therapy is taken from 5 feet below the earth and impurities like pebbles and decaying matter is removed. The specially prepared mud is then medicated and used in the therapy.

The 7 Day package includes -
Day 1 to 4 – Body mud packs to remove skin, blood circulation and energize tissues. The mud pack is made by mixing medicated mud with warm water to make a paste. It is the cooled and spread on a cloth. The cloth is then placed on the body part being treated. The pack is removed after 30 minutes.
Day 5 to 7 – Mud baths with medicated mud is done covering the whole body at the same time.
Mud Therapy in Rishikesh
5 Benefits of Mud Therapy
1. Great for rejuvenation of skin.
2. Increases blood circulation which is good for general health.
3. Can be used to treat chronic inflammation and bruises.
4. Mud therapy is very useful for treating fever and nervous disorder.
5. Also effective in treating indigestion and gas problems.

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